The Scorpion And The Frog

One day a scorpion was walking along the riverbank trying to find a
way to get across the river that separated him from his desired
location when he came across a frog sitting alongside the riverbank.
The scorpion walked up to the frog and asked the frog if he would take
him across the river. The frog quickly replied, "No, I would not give
you a ride." The scorpion then asked him why. The frog replied,
"Because Mr. Scorpion if I gave you a ride on my back you would sting
me and I would drown." Quickly the scorpion replied, "But Mr. Frog, if
I stung you then you would drown and if you drown then I would drown
also." The frog thought for a moment and then said, "I guess you're
right, then I will give you a ride." The scorpion jumps on the frog's
back and they start crossing the river. Half way across the river the
frog suddenly feels a sharp pain in his back, as the scorpion stings
him. The frog immediately starts to panic as he feels the venom race
through his veins and he quickly begins to become paralyzed. Just as
he is taking his last breath and about to go down, the frog looks at
the scorpion and asks "Why did you do it? You promised not to sting
me! Now we are both going to drown!" The scorpion replies, "I'm sorry,
Sir, but I could not help it - it's my nature".