The Story of a Clown

A certain man made an appointment to see a psychologist. He arrived at
the psychologist's office and said to him, "Doctor, I always feel
depressed. No matter what I do I still feel depressed. I just don't
know what to do."
The psychologist looked at him and said, "Come with me to the window."
The man followed and then the psychologist pointed outside and said,
"Do you see that tent over there in the distance? Well, there is a
circus in town and it is really good. There are lots of acts to watch,
specially the clown acts. And there is one clown in particular who is
extremely funny. He will make you rock with laughter over and over
again. Go and see that clown and I guarantee that you will not have
reason to be depressed again!"
The man turned to the psychologist with sad eyes and said, "Doctor, I
am that clown!"