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I'll Be Ready In A Minute!
Who's My Father?
Funny Signs, Part 3
A Favored Way Of Fighting
A Strange Souvenir
What Happened To The Crayons?
Good Way Of Selling
How To Measure A Ball
At The Customs
Really Fast Invention Process
Fast Car Inspection
Feeling Like A Moth
Country Wisdom
Warnings From Scientists
A Wireless Security System
Mood-Improving Medication
Good Reason To Get A Weekend Pass
A Clever Criminal
Friendship Between The Sexes
Jewish Test
Drinking Problem?
Optimist On The Flight
How To Practice Pronunciation
Check Me Out
What Are You Loking For?
Changing The Diapers
Survey Of Sexual Behavior
Whom Would You Like To Be?
Chatter In A Cinema
Assembly Manual
A Helpful Husband
Don't Brag Too Much
The Captain And The Navigator
Excerpts From Science Exams
Letter From A Scout Camp
Marriage Revelation
Four-Letter Words
Amazing Text
How the Cold War Ended
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