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"It's just the soul that matters"

Welcome to "Instant Wisdom", a collection of proverbs, quotes and interesting thoughts, stories, wisdom and humor. Some are wise, some are queer, some serious, some are funny, some are comforting, some are disturbing. Hopefully they will entertain you, provide enlightenment, provoke your thoughts; at best - all of it! You can browse the quotes by topic, search them by keyword or view them at random. Or visit the collection of interesting stories and wise advices for life. Or check out some recommended books. Or have some fun in the humor corner. And there's more - see below. Enjoy!
If you have a good quote, story or joke, please send me an e-mail. Links are also welcome. Thank you.

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Below is a brief description of each section of this website:

    Topics - proverbs and quotes arranged by topic. From Art to Zen.
    Random - several small random collections of proverbs and quotes
    Special - collection of stories and wise thoughts
    Humor - the lighter side
    Daily - daily quotes, jokes, news and tips
    Tips - monthly tips for useful stuff on the web
    Books - recommended reading
    Links - recommended websites, forums, newsletters
    Newsletter - get quotes, jokes and useful web tips by email. Sign up. More info.
    Search - several options to search this site or the entire web




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